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What is a Vacuum Conveyor?

A Vacuum Conveyor is used to transfer bulk material in a fully enclosed and hygienic way. Whilst their are many types of conveyors for different types of application, they are only used for dry free flowing material such as granules, pellets or powder. The material is loaded into the conveyor though a nozzle or wand, a little bit like a vacuum cleaner hose, only bigger and more powerful. It is then transported via pipework to it's final destination.

Vacuum Conveying into a Vibratory Weigh Head

When it comes to loading bulk material into a weighing and filling machine, the biggest benefit is a constant flow of material without the need to keep topping up the hopper. The vacuum loader is capable of automatically conveying on demand. 

As you fill your pouches or bags with your product, the vacuum loader automatically senses that more product is needed and then automatically turns on, delivering product to the top hopper.

Single Phase, Vacuum Loader and Conveyor

How Much Does a Vacuum Conveyor Cost?

It is very difficult to give an exact price without first having a conversation on what product it is that you need to convey.

For single weigh heads, vacuum loaders can cost anywhere from £2,500 up to £7,000+ depending upon many factors, such as type of material, distance to convey the product and flow rate per hour etc.

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