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"We first purchased an iSeal™️900V, heat sealing machine from Pack Stuff in 2020 and then a SpeedBox™️3000 filling machine 6 months later. This was a big game changer for our business, allowing us more time to focus on growing the business and serving our customers". 

Rowan Mallon

Director and General Manager, Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters

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"After contacting Pack Stuff and having a detailed discussion, we decided to go ahead and purchase a SpeedBox™️3000. Unfortunately lockdown delayed our purchase and we needed to wait until we reopened. Luckily, when we did finally reopen, we were awarded a business development grant and Pack Stuff were very helpful in providing everything we needed, to finalise the process. They even hand delivered the machine, trained us and were incredibly helpful. I happily recommend this machine and the company".

Gareth Kemble

Co-founder and owner of Carvetii Coffee Roasters