About Us and What we Do for You!

Simply put..we help you automate the production of dry granular, or piece type, free flowing products.

Care and Support from Pack Stuff

We are on a mission...

It is our mission to put "YOU" the customer at the centre of everything


and help you on "your" journey, to improve your productivity...

...spend less time producing your products and more time finding customers, marketing your business...

...and achieving your goals 

For businesses that want to GROW!📈

it's about you!

Technical specifications, choice of machinery and service are of course, extremely important...

...but one thing that every business needs is a direction, a future and a strategy.

At Pack Stuff, we focus more on what you aim to achieve in the future, so our products and services can help you get there.

And most importantly, we want to make working with us, as seamless and simple as possible!!

Our Founder is a qualified engineer and spent over 20 years providing complex technical solutions for multiple industry sectors across the globe, before moving into weighing and filling machinery a number of years ago. 

Following extensive  research, with a clear vision in mind and a passion for being truly, customer centric, Pack Stuff was officially formed in February 2020...with one goal in mind...to source, manufacture and grow a tried and tested product range, that truly help solve production problems for Small and Medium sized business's. 

Since our formation, we have grown our portfolio to meet your demands...the demands of our customers.

By listening to our customers, we shape our products and services to meet your needs!

Pack Stuff are true thought leaders, within the industry...

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Designed in the UK

All of our products are designed in the UK specifically for your needs. The SpeedBox™️ and iSeal™️ machines are manufactured in China, however all support and parts are handled in the UK. The Posiweigh and Vacuum Conveyor ranges are Designed and Manufactured in the UK. 


Typical Questions We Ask You...

Engineers Design Compass or Micrometre

Built to your Specification

It is important that we specify the correct solution, designed specifically for you and your production needs. We do this by learning about you and your business goals. Starting with... where you are right now with your current production and what do you aim to achieve?

  • Type of Product you wish to pack

  • Pack Weights in grams or kilograms or lbs for USA

  • Weight Range, minimum and maximum

  • Piece Weight, i.e. size/weight of each individual piece

  • Bulk Weight, i.e. the weight of each batch you produce

  • Characteristics of the Product, i.e. fragile, light heavy etc

  • Throughput, i.e. Packs per minute or per hour etc

  • How is the bulk Product presented, i.e. in a box or bag etc

  • Can you supply Samples in Bulk Quantity if Needed

  • Your Company Details, Delivery Address and Contact 

Guaranteed to Perform


Your solution is 100% guaranteed to perform and work with your products!! (See Video)

How Can We Guarantee this? - Quite simply, you send us a sample of your products and packaging, we will send you a video of your solution, working with your products. If it does not work, then we give you a complete refund!

We will also supply you with a performance guarantee certificate with your warranty.

Lifetime Care and Support

Lifetime Care and Support...What does this mean?


Quite simply, if you have purchased a solution from Pack Stuff, then we are here for the life of the product, to provide you with help and guidance. This can be by phone or video chat to help you solve any problems or answer any questions. We can help you check calibration or replace worn parts etc.

We do of course have onsite support or return to base packages available if needed, which can be quoted on request. Please visit our services page for more details.

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