Welcome to Pak Stuff!

Pak-Stuff is a forward-thinking, dynamic and customer-centric company founded by Michael Rhodes.  He has a passion to deliver customer service excellence with the agility to provide tailored solutions to individual clients’ requirements.

“Having worked for global organisations at a senior level, I found the impersonal service frustrating and disappointing as it was unable to look after the most important part of any business…the individual …the paying customer. - Michael

For Michael, there were always far too many hoops to jump through, far too many so-called “decision makers” unavailable, far too much red tape.


So…What is being customer centric all about, I hear you ask?












Quite simply put…you…” the paying customer” are put right at the heart of our business...

We operate on the following 5 core principles as a company, which allows us to feed into a truly “customer centered” approach.

1. We set our team up for success, so they can help you!
Our companies most precious resource, is time. By increasing efficiencies and offloading routine tasks from your sales team, you give customer facing team players back time in the day – time that can be better spent engaging with and taking proper care of customers.


2. We use incentives, that encourage, proactive customer care...
Incentives are widely used to drive desired behaviours for employees – and they’re proven to work. Some companies spend money to encourage sales, which in turn can lead to corners being cut. Instead, why not incentivise agile, customer response and service. This is money well spent in any organisation, big or small.

3. ‘Walk the walk’ don’t just ‘talk the talk’
Show all members of the team that customers come first. Make it a priority to establish and automate processes to respond to customers. Put customer response tactics in place across multiple channels – through online chat, help desk, email, social media engagement, and – yes – even the phone. Maybe not fax though…don’t think anyone knows what that is anymore…😊

4. Meet their needs, before they are aware they have them
This is one of the biggest things I love about this business. It ticks this box immediately! As in the words of Henry Ford “If I had asked them what they want, they would have said faster horses” So how does this translate into packing machinery? Well, most if not all of our customers have one big problem. They are packing by hand or have a false perception on the costs associated with moving away from hand packing. And we know for a fact that if I asked my customers, who are currently stuck in the hand packing rut, What do you want? It would be “more faster and cheaper staff to pack by hand” or “reduce the minimum wage to make my business model more viable”

5. Train our team on our customer values
Our customer values and practices must be at the heart of our on-boarding process. When we hire new team gurus, they will be educated about who our customers are, the challenges they face and how we proactively manage our customer relationships. 
I think that this pretty much some us up.
If you have any feedback in order to help us help you, give the team a call or send us an email, or visit one of our social channels 

“And if you got this far…thanks very much for reading”😊
Director and Founder of Pak Stuff Ltd - Michael Rhodes